Easy No Hassle Financing With Cox Roofing

Needing a new roof can be intimidating. Your home was most likely the most important investment you’ve ever made for you and your family. Often, it’s the most neglected on the outside structure such as the roof. There are many reasons people feel it’s best to wait on such a huge project. Oftentimes it’s because the insurance won’t pay, due to the fact it’s just too old, and that has nothing to do with a natural disaster. In some cases, the deductibles are so high that the homeowner just simply can’t come up with the extra to pay beyond what the insurance will pay, or maybe like many Americans you’ve fallen on hard times and the insurance had lapsed during the time the damage was caused to the roof.

Waiting can be a costly decision. A leaky roof, or damaged shingles will be most likely in many cases create even more damage. It can cause mold buildup, damage and rot to the wood structure among other things. Waiting on this kind of repair can cost you thousands extra by the time you tackle the project. That’s why we’ve partnered with a company called Enhancify to help our customers finance their projects.

Enhancify offers financing from thousands of lenders to ensure that we can offer a solution to those even with low credit scores. Some customers get a direct deposit check to get started on their project in as little as one week after approval! The process is quick and easy.

  1. Click on the link Below

2. Enter Your Information

Checking your rates will not affect your credit score. Enhancify uses a 256- bit encryption to protect your information.

3. Choose The Option You Like Best

You will see your options and rates to choose from (Including some 0% same-as-cash offers). Select the one that best fits your need, follow the instructions to finish the application.

4. Get Paid

Yes, it’s really that simple! You can get the money deposited in as little as a week and get the contractor on your project right away.