Tips On Preparing Your Home For The Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season Began June 1, 2021, until November 30, 2021. Hurricanes bring about a wide range of damage each year. We can’t control the weather, sometimes no matter what, the devastation will happen. There are a lot of homes and properties that get damaged every year. There are steps you can take to help prepare your home from damaging winds. If your home is in an area that is affected by hurricanes and tropical storms every year, then you should be prepared.

Hurricane Preparedness Kit

Make sure you have a hurricane preparedness kit. A lot of accidents happen after the storm caused by debris cleanup. Roads will not always be clear to travel to the nearest hospital, so it’s best to be prepared before disaster strikes. There are many things that we do not think about needing to keep close until after we can’t get them. Always make sure you have nonperishable foods, water, batteries, candles, flashlights, animal foods, prescription medications, and anything else that is essential for every day packed away in your preparedness kit. If you aren’t sure what you should place in there you can go here to download a printable list to help you pack your hurricane preparedness kit.


Fill gas containers

A 5,500-watt generator runs for about eight hours on five gallons of gasoline. Power outages caused by a storm could last for hours or days. That may mean running your generator for shorter periods and coasting on things like refrigeration. Learn everything you ever needed to know about using generators in an emergency.

Tree Trimming

Once you’ve taken care of the essentials for your hurricane preparedness kit, it’s time to look around and see what you can do to prepare your home for minimum damage against debris. Check the nearby surrounding tree’s any limbs that might need to be trimmed to keep them off the house should they fall during the storm.

Clean out your Gutters

Leaves, branches, and other debris can cause overflow, which can damage your siding, your roof, and send water straight into your basement.

Secure Windows and Outdoor Furniture

Make sure you secure doors and windows. Flying debris can break glass windows hurting anyone close and causing costly repairs. You can find out more about why and how you should secure your windows here.

Make sure outdoor furniture is secure, or put away. If you do not have a garage, evaluate your yard ahead of time and find the most secure spot that you can park your vehicles that would less likely sustain damage from broken limbs, fallen trees, or flying debris.

Inspect your Roof

The roof on your home is the first line of defense a house has against the weather. If it’s just a light spring rain, heavy winds, or hail your roof catches it all. It’s important to inspect your roof regularly. Similar to the process for your windows and doors, you should double-check that your roof is in good condition. If shingles are peeling or seams are showing wear, it’s important to replace them before the next hurricane season. If you find yourself needing a roof replacement to ask your sales representative about the line of shingles that would work best for your home. Atlas offers a line of shingles to fit any need and budget. If you live in an area most affected by hurricane winds ask your sales representative about their Storm Master shingles. Built with Core4 Technology you can have peace of mind that you are getting the best protection on your roof, plus these shingles have Scotchguard protection that keeps the roof from streaking no matter what kind of weather it endures through the years.

Cox Roofing has been in business serving the South MS area since 2005. If you find yourself in need of an inspection we’re here to help. We work with your insurance company to ensure that you are getting the most out of your homeowner’s insurance if your roof is damaged from a storm. We also offer financing options for those times that you find yourself in need of a roof for reasons that are not insurance claims. Preparing your roof before a storm is not always as easy as securing outdoor furniture or putting together an emergency kit. That’s why we’re here to help. If your roof has been damaged by high winds, flying debris, fallen trees, or hail don’t worry because “we’ve got you covered” just contact us and one of our sales guys will come out to give you a free estimate and answer whatever questions you have.