Why Do I Have A Leaking Roof?

A leaking roof is far more than an inconvenience. Insidious water damage and subsequent mold growth can occur when leaks are not repaired in a timely manner. Cox Roofing is your Top Rated Local® residential roofing company in Laurel and we are here to help you keep your roof in top condition. If you are worried that you might have a roof leak, contact us right away for a comprehensive roof inspection and roof repairs. In the meantime, continue reading to familiarize yourself with five of the most common causes of leaks.

5 Common Causes Of Roof LeaksAGE

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that the average life expectancy for a roof is 20 years. Here in Laurel, we get our fair share of hot, humid weather that tends to accelerate the aging process. Shingles become brittle with exposure to intense UV rays, and this can cause them to break eventually. Likewise, thin metal flashing that is used to create a water resistant barrier on your roof may become corroded if tar was used to seal the flashing together. This exposes the flashing to wind and rain, both of which can cause it to crack.


When you live in an area that is prone to severe weather like beautiful south central Mississippi, the average 20-year life expectancy of a roof drops significantly. Your roof is the only thing protecting you and your family from the significant weather events we frequently get here and damaging winds, large hail, and heavy rain can all take a toll on your roofing system. Storms can blow shingles off, exposing the roof deck to flying debris. These conditions create the perfect storm for a leaking roof.


Your gutters work hard to carry water into the downspouts to divert water away from your home. If they are full of leaves, branches, and other debris, then water cannot flow through them as efficiently. In heavy rainfall, water may pool up on your roof if it cannot be carried away by the gutters, collecting in valleys and other low-lying areas. How do you know if your gutters are clogged? During the next rainstorm, monitor the amount of water coming out of your downspouts. If it seems to be less than it should be, it might be time to get your gutters cleaned.


The ridge cap on your roof is made up of shingles that cover the peaks of your roof where two angles (or ridges) meet. These shingles have an important job — they keep moisture from rain and melting snow from leaking into your home. Unfortunately, the ridge cap can become damaged if it is not protected when contractors use rope and harness systems to work on your roof. The friction caused by ropes can be enough to compromise the integrity of the shingles or even wear holes through them, either of which can result in a leaking roof.


Skylights not only add visual interest to otherwise boring ceilings, they flood a space with natural light like no window can. Unfortunately, skylights may leak for a couple of reasons. They may have been improperly measured and fitted, the insulation along the edges may be decayed, or the flashing around them could have been installed improperly. A leaking skylight is pretty easy to detect but identifying the cause of the leak can be tricky. Our Laurel roofers are happy to inspect the roof area surrounding your skylights to diagnose the cause and offer a solution if we can.

Need Roof Repairs In Laurel?

Have you discovered water damage in an upper level of your home? Is there a persistent musty smell in your home that you can’t trace back to a source? If so, it is possible that you have a leaking roof and you should contact Cox Roofing as soon as possible. If allowed to continue, a leaking roof can cause a myriad of structural problems and create a health risk for your family.

When you call our team of Laurel roof repair experts, we’ll schedule a time to perform a thorough inspection of your roof and all of its components to determine if it is in fact leaking. From there, we’ll prepare a roof repair estimate to restore the structural integrity of your roofing system, or we’ll advise you if a full replacement is recommended.